Judge Lauren Lake: Gavels of Truth | Divorce Party (2024)


    Judge Lauren Lake: Gavels of Truth | Divorce Party (1)

    This week, TV judge Lauren Lake is dropping gavels of truth. She shares her journey from law school to her iconic show 'Paternity Matters.' From besties with co-parents to loving our kids more than we despise our exes, she’s got all the wisdom we need. Lake tackles the critical issues of courtroom fashion and the epic battles over silverware.

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    Judge Lauren Lake: Gavels of Truth | Divorce Party (2024)


    What happened to Lauren Lake's paternity court? ›

    Due to the financial decline of the show's distributor, MGM, Paternity Court ended production along with its sister shows Couples Court with the Cutlers and Personal Injury Court.

    Who is judge Lauren's husband? ›

    What is judge Lauren Lake doing now? ›

    She has been a guest on WBLS New York, and guest on-air host for Radio One's WDBZ in Cincinnati. In June 2021, Entertainment Studios ordered a revival of the daily court show We the People with Lake taking over for Gloria Allred. It premiered in 2022.

    Who is Carlos Woods married to? ›

    Are We the People scripted? ›

    The series depicted reenactments of real-life court cases, with Allred playing a judge character. Most of the cases were part scripted and part improvised, with audience participation.

    Is the child support court TV show real? ›

    The show depicts real issues portrayed by actors to illustrate everyday child support matters.

    What is judge Lauren Lake real name? ›

    Lauren Laniece Lake (born July 12, 1969(1969-07-12)) is an American family lawyer, television judge, and talk show presenter. Lake is best known for arbitrating as the presiding judge over her own tabloid talk/nontraditional courtroom series Lauren Lake's Paternity Court.

    How many seasons of Lauren Lake's paternity court are there? ›

    What channel is Lauren Lake's paternity court on? ›

    Watch hundreds of free episodes right now on
    WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaWDCW
    San FranciscoCaliforniaKBCW
    241 more rows

    What is a television judge? ›

    TV judges ultimately make their decision on the case either for the plaintiff, in which case the producers usually award them a judgment fee, or for the defendant, whereby the producers award both parties with an appearance fee.

    When did Robert Woods get married? ›

    What happens in paternity court? ›

    The father, mother, and child will be required to go to a lab and provide samples for the DNA test. Once the results of the DNA test is done, and it is determined that the party is the father, then the case may move forward to determine custody, parenting time, and child support.

    Is the divorce court TV show real? ›

    Prior to the premiere of the currently running version, all of the previous incarnations of Divorce Court were presented in the form of reenactments of real-life divorce cases. When the series was revived, it took the form of a reality arbitration based format.


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