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These machines each have an array of 10 speakers and glossy 4K touch-enabled displays that make them stand Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 among their handful of high-end all-in-one competitors, from the Microsoft Surface Studio to the inch Apple iMac. The Inspiron 27 Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 appearance is comparatively more staid, though. In fact, it's most notable for what it lacks: The 4K 3,by-2, display on our review unit has enough pixels to comfortably accommodate two app windows with room to spare, but it's not a touch panel, nor does it have a glossy finish that makes blacks deeper and colors more vivid. The silver lining is that the matte finish significantly reduces glare from ambient light in the room, and thanks to the wide viewing angles afforded by in-plane switching IPS technology, the Inspiron 27 makes a great kitchen computer.

Its nits of brightness are plenty for a matte screen; turned up to percent, it appears similar in a casual comparison via naked eye with the glossy screen of the inch MacBook Prowhich sports nits of brightness.

Dell Inspiron 27 All-in-One Review & Rating

View All 7 Photos in Gallery There are two very large caveats to the Inspiron 27 's suitability as a kitchen computer, however. You'll need to find a place to hide the square black plastic monstrosity, since you certainly won't want it taking up counter space in a public area Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 your house.

The power-thirstiness of the RX is one of its main drawbacks compared with the equivalent card from Nvidia, a GTX Fulfilling those requirements is necessary if you plan to use the Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 27 for gaming, but if you don't and space is scarce where you plan to install it, you can configure the PC with a less-powerful and less-power-hungry RXwhich comes with a more manageable watt AC Alienware Inspiron 27 7775. The RX alone requires up to watts of power. The reason that AC adapters are needed at all is because the Inspiron 27 itself has no internal power supply, making it extraordinarily thin and light for a inch all-in-one PC. It measures just The inch iMac, in comparison, is a full 5 inches taller and more than an inch wider, although it weighs about the same 21 pounds.

Both are mere feathers compared with the pound XPS 27, which is weighed down by both an internal power supply and its generous speaker complement.

Dell Inspiron 27-7775 Series Desktop Computer -FDDOTHN279S Specs

Speaking of which, the stereo speakers and 5W subwoofer on Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 Inspiron 27 deliver remarkable power at full volume, certainly enough to fill the entire first floor of an average-sized house, although they cannot compare with the exquisite highs and earth-shattering bass of the XPS 27's 10 speakers. Since the Inspiron 27 has no touch screen, it comes with a fixed-height base that allows only tilt adjustments—you can't raise or lower the PC, nor can you orient it completely horizontally.


The unsophisticated stand is less of a drawback in itself than it is a reflection of the fact that the Inspiron 27 is not touch-enabled, another downside compared with the XPS That means you'll be interacting with Windows 10 using a plain old keyboard and mouse. Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 wireless models on my review unit are stylish and comfortable—I particularly admire the mouse's boomerang design.


Like most high-end PCs released inthe Inspiron 27 's webcam has built-in IR sensors that let you use it to log in to Windows via face recognition. It's an especially useful feature for a family PC that's likely to have multiple user accounts, and the process works well on my review unit despite the awkward placement of the camera below—instead of above—the screen. The thin bezels of the InfinityEdge display leave no room for a traditionally placed camera, so be prepared to crouch down slightly when you're Skyping with your relatives. At least the camera's centered; Dell laptops with InfinityEdge displays, like the XPS 13have webcams in the lower left-hand corner, which means they mainly get a view of your left knuckles typing on the keyboard. Configuration Options Since this is a Dell, there's a wide range of component options. Memory starts at 8GB and tops out at 32GB. My review unit is handsomely equipped with 16GB of memory and the GB dual-drive configuration.

It's definitely worth springing for this storage configuration if you want to future-proof your PC, since it is the only one that includes the faster NVMe SSD interface, resulting in noticeably faster app loading and system startup times. You don't have to worry about future-proofing this system as much as you would with a comparable iMac, however, since Dell has thoughtfully included a back cover that is user-removable, allowing you to access the drives Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 memory. The Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 can't be opened—you've got to stick with the components it came with. Around back, but equally accessible, are HDMI input and output connectors in case you want to connect a laptop to the gorgeous display, as well as three more USB 3. Tucked away in a hard-to-reach spot behind the stand are an audio out port, a gigabit Ethernet connector, and the power port.

These cables are designed to pass through a hole cut into the stand, since you won't be plugging them in or unplugging them frequently. You probably won't be plugging in an Ethernet cord at all, actually, thanks to dual-band 27 inch all-in-one PC Ready for VR that mixes the rich, Alienware Inspiron 27 7775 colors of 4K with a virtually borderless InfinityEdge display.

The VR ready Inspiron 27 all-in-one PC with a virtually borderless 4K UHD display adds a feather in its cap by winning COMPUTEX d&i Award

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