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An Intel AC wi-fi card provides the wireless communication in this machine and performs as expected with any other machine with this card.

There are two antennas connected to it, and technically any mini half height PCIe wireless card should work in this machine. Gigabit speeds were easily maintained during file transfers over a gigabit network. Aorus earns some respect in my mind by not including any bloatware or littering the system with useless programs.

Personally that is worth spending an extra hundred clams right there for this laptop. They only supply Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN apps, which include a "Power Switch" panel to easily manage booting or powering the PC on or off, a "Command and Control" center for ease of configuration of commonly used system settings, "Macro Hub" which allows programming of the macro keys on the left of the keyboard, Killer NIC apps, WinDVD 10, and Aorus Driver updates and system backup tools. Below is a breakdown of each app and their intended use. I also made a brief video showing the overview of each of these apps.


It was a quick and painless process, and requires at least a 20GB USB flash drive, of Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN all contents will be erased when the system recovery drive is made. I used a 64GB drive and it only took less than twenty minutes to both back up and restore the system. Power Switch comes pre-installed on the destkop taskbar which offers quick access to many of Windows 8 tools relating to powering the machine on and off.

From the app popup you can choose to boot into the Windows 8 Start Screen or the Desktop. This is an option added to Windows 8. The other options are logout, switch user, sleep, hibernate, restart, lock, shutdown, or shutdown with fastboot.

Aorus X7 Pro: Mobile gaming with performance that will make your home computer redden with shame

While some icons are just links to other system options, there are a few features which make management of Windows 8. I will list them in the order they appear in the control panel, left to right, and top to bottom. User fan control although limited Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN Stealth, Auto, and Turbo. As the names imply, Stealth favors low fan noise over temperature, Turbo sets the fan to full speed, and Auto follows the fan profile embedded in the UEFI code. Toggle the Windows Key on or off.

Aorus X7 Review by HTWingNut NotebookReview

Good for times when you don't want to accidentally hit the Windows key in game and interrupt your gaming session. Provides a slider to quickly change mouse speed.

Provides a slider to quickly change system audio volume. Instantly toggles Wi-Fi radio on or off Bluetooth: Instantly toggles Bluetooth radio on or off Power Mode: This one is a little more in depth, but it does allow configuration of the Windows power profiles: Programming the "G" macro keys just left of the keyboard requires use of the "MacroHub" software provided with the system.

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There are five colors that the master "G" key at the top of the G key column can turn indicating which macros are activated on the five G-keys. The macro recorder allows for some basic Windows controls like minimize, maximize, open, close, etc, but there is also a powerful Macro editor allowing users to control Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN of key presses, delay time, execute once, loop, or rapid fire mode. Having macro keys on the left have proven something to get used to, but they are close enough to your WASD hand that a macro execution is within pinky reach, so actions can be executed quickly without hunting for that specific key. Plus the color coding is also a great idea to quickly cycle through your host of macro commands.


Optimized Gaming Network Installation Methods: Optimized Gaming Network This package contains If it has been installed, updating overwrite-installing may Windows OSes usually Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN a generic driver that allows systems to recognize the wireless component. If it has been installed, updating overwrite-installing Windows platforms generally apply a generic driver that allows motherboards to recognize the Ethernet component.

Aorus X7 v6 Notebook Review

Windows OSes usually apply a generic driver Optimized Gaming Network This package contains the files needed for installing the Thunderbolt driver. Windows operating systems automatically apply a generic driver Free Download Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN Driver for Windows 7 bit (Network Card). Free Download Gigabyte Aorus X7 Pro Gigabyte AORUS X7 Atheros LAN LAN Driver for Windows 10 bit (Network Card).

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