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The Lens Correction Profile tool's distortion correction feature can be used together with the manual Distortion Correction tool, and the vignetting correction feature can be used together with the manual Vignetting Correction tool. This lets you use the manual controls in addition to the LCP profile for artistic Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data or if the LCP fails to sufficiently correct a parameter which happens on some extreme distortion occasions, like with some heavily distorting compact cameras.


Be careful that you don't overdo the distortion and vignetting correction by forgetting to turn the manual tools off if you use the LCP equivalents. The vignetting correction feature however is linked to the Flat Field tool, so that when you select a flat-field image then the LCP's vignetting correction will have no effect.

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The following restrictions apply: Distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration correction are all supported in raw files, but only distortion correction is supported in non-raw files. While distortion correction is visible in the full image preview, chromatic aberration and distortion correction are not reflected in the detail crop windows, only in the fully processed result image.

Auto-filling is also not supported. Chromatic aberration correction is only supported if the Exif information contains the focus distance e.

New firmware for a lot of cameras -distortion control Nikon Cafe

Auto-Fill is disabled when an LCP with distortion correction is enabled, otherwise the preview may become distorted - see bug To keep the preview fast and responsive, the main Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data image is used to show the effects of the LCP. As this image is small exactly the size you seefixing the distortions will make it appear a little blurry. Only the zoomed-out preview that will look soft. Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data feature request As with any other tool, you can apply an LCP to multiple images either by including it in the processing profile see Creating processing profiles for general useor by selecting multiple images where the same lens was used you can use the Metadata Filter in the File Browser tab to make this easier and applying the LCP from the File Browser tab.

Nikon Updates Distortion Control Profiles on Many of its DSLRs - The Phoblographer

A negative number corrects barrel distortion, a positive value will correct pincushion distortion. This may serve as a guide to correct lens distortion.

The "Automatic" button only works if your camera corrected the distortion of the JPEG image embedded in the raw file most cameras embed a JPEG image in every raw file, and some cameras correct the distortion of that image too. What this feature does is it looks at the JPEG image and, if it was corrected, tries to fix distortion in the raw image by making it match the JPEG image. Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data


There are two limitations: If the JPEG image was not distortion-corrected by your camera, this button will have no effect. If the JPEG image is insufficiently corrected or Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data, so will the results be, but as the computed correction will be shown on the Amount slider, you can further refine it manually. This "Chromatic Aberration Correction" tool in the Transform tab works on the image after demosaicing.

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The Chromatic Aberration tool in the Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data tab works on the image before demosaicing. Chromatic aberration can be corrected by using the "Red" and "Blue" sliders. As in other software tools, this algorithm eliminates moderate chromatic aberration quite well. Do not expect miracles with images having extremely high chromatic aberration - garbage in, garbage out. Vignetting Correction Vignetting means light fall-off around the periphery of an image as compared to the center.

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  • New firmware for a lot of cameras -distortion control

One of the differences Nikon Distortion Control Lens Data a cheap lens and an expensive one is that the former is likely to produce stronger vignetting than the latter. The "Vignetting Correction" tool is meant to correct vignetting caused by the lens. This tool is not intended for artistic vignetting; use the Vignetting Filter tool for that.


Loaded into compatible cameras, distortion control data reduce barrel and pincushion distortion when photographs are taken or edited. Note: For more information on distortion control, see the camera manual. Caution: Remove the lens before performing this update. Updating Distortion Control Lens Data.

– Windows –. Thank you for choosing a Nikon product. This guide describes how to update distortion control lens data.

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