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To perform the workaround you will need to connect each hard disk to a standard SATA controller to create the partition table entry. After the entry is created you can then remove the drive and it will function correctly as a "Legacy Disk" on the Highpoint controller.

Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 SAS RAID Controller

If you plug in a hard drive that is blank aka no partition table at all it will be identified as "New" to the controller. My computer panic'd during bootup Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller a "New" hard drive was attached to my and Because of this you MUST connect the hard drive to a different controller onboard recommended to setup the partition. Determine which device your hard drive is assigned to. Use the 'dmesg' command to view the devices.

My devices are always adaX or daX. For the following example my hard drive was ada1: At a console, type the following commands. If you have data on the hard drives make sure you backup the data as these commands will erase all data on the hard drives. Do not expect wide support and assistance Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller you use these controllers.

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You are on your own and at your own peril by following the instructions above. I will try to help if you post in Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller thread, but if you value your data I would not recommend you use these old controllers. Nonetheless I'm sure some people will do it anyway, and I'm writing this post to hopefully once and for all answer the questions people have about these 2 controller families. This will allow for proper operation of the hard disks with no changes as listed on the 22xx or 23xx series controllers above.


After this is done and a reboot performed the hard drives will Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller picked up as daX devices. It has been brought to my attention that there are ways in which a disk can fail completely and not cause an audible alarm. Select the appropriate operating system folder, then, click the Next button. When Windows asks to reboot the system, choose No.

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Remove the Driver Installation diskette from the floppy drive, then Shut down and restart the computer. Installation VerificationAfter the driver has been installed, and the system has been restarted: Click the Start button, then right-click My Computer icon.


Select the Properties item from the popup menu. In the popup window, select Hardware tab and then click Device Manager button. Delete the entries and reinstall the driver. Press the F6 key at this time. Next, the setup program will prompt for the insertion of the driver diskette. The next window will display several driver options. Windows Vista Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller install drivers from several media types: Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller driver is now installed - you can now continue on with the installation procedure. Installing the driver for an existing Windows Vista system 1. Reboot the system when prompted. You can also access the web interface through the in-band management software.

HighPoint RocketRAID - 8-ch SAS/SATA + 2 internal Mini-SAS Support SATA Raid - "

Thein-band management software acts as a proxy between the web browser and the firmware. Installing the HighPoint In-band Management software.

The in-band management software is distributed as a RPM package. For more information about in-band management software, please check the READMEfile in the in-band management software package. Starting the Management InterfaceNote: To run the management interface, start the web browser and enter the access URL.

RocketRAID 4320 SAS Host Adapter - HighPoint Tech

Specifically, ifyou are running the browser on the host system, you can use http: You can change the password after youhave logged in. Normally, disks only have to be initialized once.

The disk initialize process should onlytake a few seconds. Initializing disks may result in loss — do not initialize disks unless they are to beconfigured into RAID arrays. Arrays cannot be created from Legacy Disks. These disks would have to beinitialized, which may result in data loss. Click the Create Array button. The create array page will appear. Choose the array type you want to create Highpoint RocketRAID 4320 Controller the drop-down list.

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purpose without the express written permission of HighPoint Technologies, Inc. .

The RocketRAID SAS RAID Controller has an integrated Intel I/O. RocketRAIDRocketRAIDRocketRAIDRocketRAIDRocketRAID PCI-Express Bus Lanes.


x8, x8, x8, x8, x8. Onboard IO.

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