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The iris recognition module 18 may match the iris segment 17 with Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner iris segment in an iris database The matching may a one-to-one verification of an identity Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner the subject individual, or it may be a one-to-many search to possibly identify the individual with a match in the database Or the iris recognition module 18 may enter the iris segment 17 as information about the subject individual into the iris database 19 for reasons of cataloging for later use in cases of identification or verification of the individual. From this feature or features, information 23 containing face orientation with respect to a camera line-of-sight LOS and eye location, may be sent to diamond shaped juncture 24 that asks the question whether the information 23 provides a sufficiently good view.

The metrics for determining a good view may include face symmetry and face orientation based on facial features.

If the answer to the good view question is no, then one may get the face orientation, eye location, and estimate coast time information 12 which is provided on to the zoom-in iris capture module After receipt of the face orientation, eye location, and estimate coast time information 12, there may be a mechanism for providing zoom-in and a localizing i. From Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner information, an iris segmentation 27 may be performed. The activities for mechanisms or modules 26 and 27 may be accomplished with COTS technologies.

The iris segmentation 27 may be reviewed at a diamond shaped juncture 28 to consider the question as to whether there is good iris fitness. If the answer is no, then a question Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner a diamond shaped juncture 29 is whether the coast time has expired. There, the approach may be repeated in accordance with FIG. If the answer is no at juncture 29, then the action of zoom-in and localize the eye region module 26 may be reinstituted and its results forwarded on to the iris segmentation module 27 and to juncture 28 for determining whether there is a good iris fitness of a segment.

If the answer at juncture 28 is yes, then the iris segment 17 may be provided to the iris recognition module 18 for the one-to-one verification of a person or the one-to-many identification of a person in conjunction with the database 19 of information. Or the iris segment 17 may be part of an acquisition of a non-cooperative or cooperative subject individual into the database The iris segmentation algorithms Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner be of any type which faithfully outlines the imaged iris presented to them.

Scanner hardware drivers. Get scanner driver downloads (twenty-one)

One such algorithm is one developed by Honeywell operating in the polar domain and is described herein. Conducting the segmentation in the polar domain may lead to a more efficient and faster process to execute not only the segmentation, but also calibration, and noise removal, all in one step to generate a feature map for the encoding step. The system may provide reliable calibration and an efficient segmentation i. Conversion of an iris annular image into a numeric code that can be easily manipulated may be essential to iris recognition. The iris codes may be compared with previously generated iris codes for verification and identification purposes. The orientation of head and eyes may result into different perspective of views of the iris circular shape.

The captured shapes of the iris Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner usually apart from being circles or ellipses due to the orientation, tilt and slant angles. In some cases, one may limit the analysis to those segments where the iris and the sclera are detected relative to their symmetry. The sclera may be regarded as a tough white fibrous outer envelope of tissue covering the entire eyeball except the cornea.

Once an orientation is detected, nominal angles Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner the least likelihood of distortions i. Mixture modeling may be used to handle variation in the iris textures. The iris inner and outer boundaries of iris may be approximated by ellipses than circles of irregular shapes using snake delineation.


However, the two ellipses are usually not concentric. One may characterize the shape and texture of the structure of the iris having a large number of interlacing blocks such as freckles, coronas, furrows, crypts, and stripes. The outer boundaries of the iris may be captured with irregular edges due to presence Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner eyelids and eyelashes. Taken in tandem, these observations suggest that iris localization may be sensitive to a wide range of edge contrasts. Usually, for such applications, it is difficult to implement the level of control required by most of the existing art to enable reliable iris recognition.

The system may help cope with asymmetry in acquired iris images, and may further help under uncontrolled environments as long as some of the iris annular is visible.

The system may solve the asymmetry problem associated with image acquisition without the collaboration of the subjects and operate under uncontrolled operations as long as some of the iris annular is visible. In the present specification, some of the matter may be of a hypothetical or prophetic nature although stated in another manner Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner tense. Although the invention has been described with respect to at least one illustrative example, many variations and modifications will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon reading the present specification.

It is therefore the intention that the appended claims be interpreted as broadly as possible in view of the prior art to include all such variations and modifications. Claims 18 1.

A system for iris detection at a distance of non-cooperative or cooperative subjects, comprising: The system ofwherein the first mechanism Airis ARTEC 2000 Scanner a face detection and tracking system. Free Download Airis ARTEC Scanner Driver (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder). Artec Ultima USB Scanner Driver 46, ARTEC AT3 Scanner Driver 9, downloads Airis ARTEC Scanner Driver. 2,

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