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These and other companies that supply tools, chemicals, and other computer- and electronic-cleaning supplies are listed in the Vendor List on the CD. With all these items on hand, you should be equipped for most preventive maintenance operations.

Cleaning Procedures Before cleaning your system, I recommend a partial disassembly. By partial I mean taking out any items that can be easily removed without using tools. This would normally include the battery, any drives in removable bays, and any PC Cards. This may Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey include the hard drive in some systems as well. Finally, open the access doors on the sides, back, or base of the system as well. Because of the difficulty of opening the case on most laptops, I do not recommend a complete disassembly just for the purpose of cleaning. Once any easily accessible devices are removed and the access doors opened, use the canned air to blow out any dust from Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey areas. Cleaning Connectors and Contacts Cleaning the connectors and contacts in a system promotes reliable connections between devices.

If there is dirt or dust on the memory modules or sockets, you might want to remove the memory modules, clean the contacts, and then reinstall them.

How to Access Compaq Presario Laptop BIOS Settings

Also, if you disassemble the system and disconnect any flex-cables, it is recommended that you clean Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey treat the flex-cable contacts before reinserting them into their mating connectors. To do this, first moisten the lint-free cleaning swabs in the cleaning solution.

Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey you are using a spray, hold the swab away from the system and spray a small amount on the foam end until the solution starts to drip. Then, use the swab to wipe the connectors and sockets. You might consider using Stabilant 22a contact enhancer on these terminals to prevent corrosion and ensure a good contact.

Using the keyboard 31 – HP Compaq 620 Notebook-PC User Manual

Try to avoid touching any of the gold or tin contacts with your fingers, which will coat them with oils and debris that can cause problems later. Make sure the contacts are free of all finger oils and residue. Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey moisten a soft lint-free cloth with either a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, non-ammoniated glass cleaner, or pure water hot water works best. Never spray liquid cleaner directly on the system, especially the display or keyboard. Gently wipe the LCD display with the moistened cloth, and then follow with a dry cloth. Be sure the cloth is not wet enough to drip and that the LCD is completely dry when you're finished. Antistatic LCD-cleaning cloths and Kimwipes are also acceptable alternatives.

NOTE Kimwipes are disposable 8. They are a trademarked brand of Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey Corp. Cleaning the Keyboard Keyboards are notorious for picking up dirt and garbage.

If you ever look closely inside a used keyboard, you will be amazed at the junk you find in there! To keep the keyboard clean, I recommend Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey blowing out the dirt with a can of compressed air or sucking it out with a vacuum cleaner. The best way to use the compressed air is to turn the system upside down and shoot the keyboard with a can of compressed air tilted back on an angle.

HP Compaq 325 Maintenance And Service Manual

This will blow out the dirt and debris that has accumulated inside the keyboard, allowing it to fall to the ground rather than into your system. If done regularly, this can prevent future problems with sticking keys or dirty keyswitches. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, you can leave the system in a normal orientation because the vacuum will suck the debris up and Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey without allowing it to fall deeper inside the system. Once the dust and dirt are blown out of the keyboard, you can then clean any cosmetic dirt or stains from the keycaps. The best way to accomplish this is to wipe the keycaps with a soft cloth moistened in cleaning solution and then follow with a dry cloth. If a particular key is stuck or making intermittent contact, you'll want to soak or spray the faulty keyswitch with contact cleaner.

This cannot be done with the keyboard mounted in the system because some of the cleaner may drip inside. To prevent that, before attempting to clean the keyswitch, I recommend you remove the keyboard from the system. Consult your owner's manual or maintenance manual if you have one for the keyboard-removal procedure. Most Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey have keyboards that can be removed fairly easily. If you don't have a procedure for your system, use the sample procedure listed later in this chapter.

After the keyboard is removed, you can remove the keycap from the Compaq 325 Notebook Hotkey keyswitch and spray the cleaner into the switch. I usually do this over a sink so that the excess liquid doesn't drip onto the floor. Then replace the keycap, reinstall the keyboard, and test it to see whether the key works properly.

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Processors . Displays a shortcut menu for items beneath the cursor.

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