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Safety Precautions And Maintenance 3 8. Frequently Asked Questions Introduction Philips digital PhotoFrame can be placed either vertically or horizontally to fit the photos on display. You can place it somewhere in a room for a continuous display by connecting it to the mains power supply. When moving your PhotoFrame, grasp Philips 7FF3FPW27B Digital Photo Frame frame to lift; do not lift the it by placing your hand or fingers on the LCD panel.

The screen may be wiped with a dry cloth when the power is off. However, never use alcohol, solvents or ammonia-based liquids. To avoid electric shock, do not expose it to rain or excessive moisture. Recycling Keep the stand clear from cables Make sure the stand of your PhotoFrame is clear from cables as cables could pull the stand out of Philips 7FF3FPW27B Digital Photo Frame to the floor. Temperature and humidity limitations Operating temperature: If possible, when disposing of batteries, Philips 7FF3FPW27B Digital Photo Frame recycling means available in your area. To minimize the amount of waste in the environment, check your area for companies that will recover used televisions for dismantling and collection of reusable materials, or contact your dealer for recycling tips.

Control Buttons And Menu Navigation 2. Use the navigation controller to move between the menus. Move it left and right to cycle through the menu tree.

Wait until the screen is stable Removing a memory card: Philips 7FF3FPW27B Digital Photo Frame JPEG formatted images supported. Keep it away from high temperatures and high levels of moisture 3. For safety reasons and best stability Philips recommend to adjust the stand with the angle defined by the two click positions. Using other positions may cause the PhotoFrame to fall and it is the responsibility of the user. The new setting will be effective immediately. Press the Mode button to leave this menu and play the slideshow. Full Screen — displays the clock in center of the screen and a pre-selected photo will be displayed.

Philips 7FF3FPW/27B Manuals

Slideshow - displays the clock in the bottom right of the screen. Both - displays the clock in both full screen and slideshow modes. Using your PhotoFrame 4. Navigate Left and Right to move quickly through the photos.

The frequency of the slideshow can be adjusted. To go directly to thumbnail mode form read the photo menu section. Photos can also be copied between a USB drive to another memory device and vice-versa. Using yout PhotoFrame 4.


Select the photo and then go to the photo source. Go to thumbnail mode to select a photo.

Philips Digital Photo Frame Manuals

Press Menu to access the menu options for photo editing. PhotoFrame has very limited storage space available. It only stores photos Delete Photos Using The Photoframe 4. The delete function is disabled when you first use your Photoframe.


To enable the delete function: Press Mode to go to Main Menu. Press Down to Settings. Use more of your PhotoFrame 5. Philips 7FF3FPW27B Digital Photo Frame in a menu follow the onscreen instructions in the bottom right of the screen for details on how to navigate. The crop function only applies to original photos stored on external memory card. Zooming and Cropping Note 1: To retain image quality it is recommended that zooming and cropping is carried out before the image is stored in the PhotoFrame. All photos processed and copied by the PhotoFrame will be resized for optimal display on PhotoFrame and to save storage space.

Philips 7" LCD PhotoFrame 7FF3FPW/27B Drivers Download - Update Philips Software

Frames can be removed by selecting no frame. Using more of your PhotoFrame7" LCD frame ratio PhotoFrame. Why doesn't my Digital Photo Frame go into AUTO-OFF status after I set it? Can I increase the memory size to store more.

How do I transfer photos from my PC to my Photo Frame? Can I increase the memory size to store more pictures on my PhotoFrame? Can I use Digital Photo.

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