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Yamaha STAGEMIX M7CL User Manual

If you already are a holder of Yamaha M7CL, but have not read the manual yet, you should do it for the reasons described above. You will learn then if you properly used the available features, and whether you have not made any mistakes, which can shorten the lifetime Yamaha M7CL. However, one of the most important roles played by the user manual is to help in solving problems with Yamaha M7CL V1 Digital Mixer M7CL. Almost always you will find there Troubleshooting, which are the most frequently occurring failures and malfunctions of the device Yamaha M7CL along with tips on how to solve them. Even if you fail to solve the problem, the Yamaha M7CL V1 Digital Mixer will show you a further procedure — contact to the customer service center or the nearest service center Other manuals from the category Equi. Page 10 Yamaha Commercial Audio 4. Page 11 Yamaha Commercial Audio 4.

Power Switch - Yamaha M7CL Owner's Manual [Page 26]

A large button will appear to show the currently selected Mix or Matrix, and its name. The colour of this button matches those used on the M7CL console. Choose from Mix and Matrix Stereo pairs appear as single large buttons. When only Yamaha M7CL V1 Digital Mixer is currently available on a channel, no dots will appear below the curve. In the example above: Swipe gestures will not cause the Editing screen to be accessed. One band of Parametric EQ can be adjusted at a time. Press one of the green circles to select the band, and it will be highlighted yellow.

EQ bands in StageMix are labelled as follows: Gain and Frequency can be adjusted by dragging the circle around the graph. The little yellow arrows show which direction Yamaha M7CL V1 Digital Mixer band should be moved to return to its previous position.

In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust the gain without altering the frequency. Or to adjust the frequency without changing the gain. These buttons are located at the top of the EQ graph.

Yamaha M7CL StageMix v, iPad app gets some fixes and improvements

When a band adjusted, the locked parameter value becomes red. When the button is green, the HPF is On. HPF has no Gain or Q parameter: Both these bands can be a shelf or a bell, and band 4 can also be a Low Pass Filter. When one of these bands is selected, the relevant additional buttons are shown above the EQ graph. It is green when the EQ is on.

Yamaha DME24N Digital Mixing Engine V1.23

When the EQ is switched off, the EQ curve will be grey. Page 16 Yamaha Commercial Audio 4.

White dots represent the position for each of the 31 bands. These dots change to yellow and become larger when they are being touched in the Editing section below. Pressing these buttons will only access other channels that have GEQs assigned to them. In the screenshot above, this GEQ is located in rack position 5B. As each band is adjusted away from 0dB, the number of available bands will decrease.


This number will Yamaha M7CL V1 Digital Mixer red when no further bands are available to be edited. Multiple bands can be edited simultaneously with up to 10 bands appearing at any one time. Touch the silver sliders for one or more bands and move them vertically to adjust the gain for each band. The gain parameter value will appear in a floating display above any GEQ slider while it is being touched. When Off, the GEQ display curve will also turn light grey.

A confirmation dialog will appear before this function is executed. Refer to sections 2.


M7CL V Supplementary Manual, [MB]. M7CL V2 Digital Mixers: Redundancy Guide (How to achieve 'Mirroring' with Yamaha digital mixers), [KB]. Does M7CL have a digital attenuator on each channel?

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