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Page Top Paper White Measurement A paper white measurement function offers better color matching between the image on the monitor and the image on the printouts.

By measuring the white of the paper to be used for printing, ColorNavigator will automatically set the target values for brightness and white point accordingly. This feature is not available for ColorEdge monitors with Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor built-in calibration sensor. Prioritize Gray Balance or Contrast, or Both of Them Equally Three adjustment settings are available depending on what you want to prioritize when you are calibrating. Adjusts the gray chromaticity of the mid tones so they are the same as the white point Standard: This is the default setting and it adjusts gray balance while maintaining the contrast ratio in the darker tones.

Maintains a high contrast ratio. Gray balance adjusted Gray balance not adjusted Post-Calibration Color Adjustment Sometimes due to variations in output from different printers or the special requirements of a project, it is Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor to fine-tune an otherwise perfectly calibrated monitor to match target colors.

EIZO unveils inch ColorEdge CG pro LCD display

ColorNavigator lets you easily adjust hue and saturation for all six primary and secondary colors red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellowas well as white balance, brightness, black level and gamma, to achieve the closest possible visual match. You can decide which of the adjustments will be saved to the profile. For confirmation of Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor results or to achieve more accurate manual adjustments, a test pattern screen can be displayed.

The test pattern screen shows a full grayscale ramp, as well as just the low tones blackshigh tones whitesgamma values, and the EIZO and ColorNavigator logo areas. Brightness, white point, and gamma can be adjusted manually with the results immediately Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor on the test pattern screen. Adjustments of brightness, white point, and gamma made on the screen to the left are shown immediately on the test pattern screen. Recalibrate from Previous Calibration Results With ColorNavigator you and prepare several profiles for different needs and switch between them as needed.


You can also use past calibration results to easily adjust your monitor. Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor a spectrophotometer, ColorNavigator reads the emulated device's color patches as they appear in a web browser and creates an ICC profile. By using this profile with a ColorEdge monitor, content creators see how their customers view color on their respective media devices.

Page Top Recalibration Reminder After initial calibration, a monitor needs to be recalibrated at regular intervals to maintain color accuracy. ColorNavigator includes a recalibration reminder that will appear after a certain number of user-determined hours. When the monitor is first calibrated, the date and time are saved. After Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor time you set has elapsed, an LED on the front panel lights up, and a reminder message appears the next time ColorNavigator starts up.

EIZO ColorEdge CG221-K - LCD monitor - 22.2"

You can also use it to start up ColorNavigator and it allows you to monitor the status of your video card's gamma if you are using Windows. If you are using ColorNavigator's timer function that reminds you to recalibrate after a user-specified number of hours, then the ColorNavigator Agent icon Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor turn from blue to red when it is time to recalibrate.

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When the icon changes from blue to red then Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor time to recalibrate the monitor Measurement Device Correction To eliminate the individual differences in measured values among calibration devices, ColorNavigator conducts settings based on EIZO's own standards that prioritize color management settings. In addition, when color matching with other ColorEdge monitors, ColorNavigator can give priority to matching between monitors and correct the calibration devices. ColorNavigator takes the resulting brightness level and sets it as the monitor's target calibration value to ensure uniform brightness between your monitor and light box when color proofing. Calibrate Your Monitor to Another Profile If you want to conduct Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor management between monitors in a workflow then ColorNavigator lets you load the profile of another ColorEdge monitor and use it to calibrate your own.

EIZO ColorEdge CG221 - LCD monitor - 22.2"

The profile will be added to a drop down menu of emulated profiles where you can easily access it as needed. Profile Validation To verify calibration results or check to see how much the monitor's colors have varied since it was last calibrated, ColorNavigator measures the monitor's color patches to determine the difference between the Delta-E value of the monitor's profile and the actual displayed values of the monitor. The Delta-E variation can be shown in a graph and compared with previous results. Self-Calibration Scheduling Available for monitors with built-in sensors Using either the OSD menu or ColorNavigator, you can schedule the monitor to self-calibrate at a specific time and Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor intervals.


Even if the monitor is switched off Eizo ColorEdge CG221 Monitor not even connected to a computer, it will stick to its preset schedule and self-calibrate. Correlation with External Sensors Available for monitors with built-in sensors With Color Navigator, the monitor can be correlated to the measurement results of an external calibration sensor. This is convenient if the monitor is used in a work environment with other ColorEdge monitors and one measurement device must be used as a standard for all calibrating. Please check the compatibility charts below. With the ColorEdge CG, EIZO is once again taking the performance of LCD lution is the ColorEdge CG an LCD monitor that covers the Adobe. The ColorEdge CG " Widescreen LCD Display from EIZO is a high-quality monitor built with video professionals and graphic designers in mind.


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