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Technologies 3 The Goal The goal of this document is to provide an overview of the basic concepts of Pcounter Embedded for Kyocera.

The document presents step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring Pcounter for Kyocera for use with your Kyocera MFP. Common Challenges 1 Determine the Pcounter for Kyocera configuration that best suits the needs of your environment.

Pcounter for Kyocera

How to use this guide This guide walks you through the setup of Pcounter Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS Kyocera to track all functions of a Kyocera HyPAS MFP including printing, copying, scanning, and faxingand, optionally, to provide secure authentication for users. The guide should be used in combination with the model-specific document that contains all of the model specific screenshots of both the front panel UI and Web UI. Planning What is Pcounter for Kyocera? Pcounter for Kyocera is software that interfaces directly with the embedded operating system of the Kyocera MFP, in partnership with the standard Pcounter application.

It can provide a point of access control Authenticationthe ability to log job based data for print, copy, scan, and fax page trackingand the ability to assign page quotas or currency balances to users, debiting them for individual jobs Accounting. All job activity for tracked MFPs is logged and accessible for report generation. Authentication The software provides a point of authentication to gain access to all of the resources of the Kyocera MFP.

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For print jobs, users may authenticate at their workstations through the basic Pcounter software and send print jobs through to the MFP for direct pickup, or print jobs may be held in the queue for walk-up authentication and print release Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS the MFP. For copy, scan, and outbound fax jobs, the MFP can be locked down until users walk up and authenticate in front of the machine. Windows Home products that lack domain support are not recommended. The standard Pcounter software version 2.


These are installed with the standard product in the Pcounter for Windows program group on the print server. Pcounter for Windows can be downloaded from The Pcounter for Kyocera Embedded software is available in the download area of Implementation There are five main steps to complete the Pcounter Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS Kyocera installation. The individual MFPs that will be tracked by Pcounter should be installed as local printer objects in the standard way and shared for access by workstation users. Technologies 5 2 Install and configure Pcounter for print job tracking After Pcounter is installed and registered, the Kyocera MFPs that you wish to track should be migrated into Pcounter on the print server.

Printer Setup After your printer s have been migrated into Pcounter you must decide: Whether users will have account balances debited for print, copy, scan and fax jobs, or whether the jobs will simply be tracked and logged. Whether print jobs will be held at the MFP for walk-up release or whether users will be able to print and release jobs simply by authenticating at their workstations.

After your MFPs are migrated into Pcounter, open Pcontrol, locate Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS print server in the Network View and expand the view to show the installed devices. If print jobs will be tracked without debiting users, set Accounting to Log file only. If users will be debited for print jobs, set Accounting to User account balances and Log File. Place a checkmark next to Enable popup, print release, etc. Prices Tab 1 Go to the Prices tab.

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Set the Black price and the Color price if color detection has been enabledKyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS click OK. Pcounter accounting configuration - Windows Note: Remote print server credentials are only required if Pcounter for Kyocera will be managing print queues on servers other than the one that hosts the Kyocera Gateway.

If print server credentials are implemented, the specified user account must have Backup Operator privileges for all remote print queues that will be managed. Make sure you are logged Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP MFP NDPS as Admin or equivalent and do the following steps. Create the Pcounter for Kyocera gateway user account. Classic Universal Driver KPDL / PCL5e/c / PCL6 (certified and signed by Microsoft).

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MB, KyoceraClassicU   Missing: NDPS. This highly productive device provides with its integrated colour touch panel direct access to the full potential of the compact A4 MFP.

The document workflow  Missing: NDPS.

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