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Whatever's rugged and tough, we talk about it If you take a handheld computer or a tablet TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem a laptop outdoors and on the job, it's really important whether you can still see what's on the screen clearly enough to actually use the computer.

Whether you can or not depends on a lot of things, like how bright it is outside, whether there are reflections, the size of the screen, its sharpness and contrast, viewing angles, and so on. Experts calculate TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem "effective" contrast ratio in bright outdoor light by estimating sunlight compared to the light that's reflected back by the typical computer screen with its various treatments and several reflective layers.

Twinhead J13S Series WLAN driver download free (ver. 11.­1.­1.­22)

How well those internal reflections are controlled determines how readable the screen remains in sunlight. With current display technology, of equal or perhaps even greater importance is the backlight. A strong backlight is generally better than a weak one, I say "generally" TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem a super-strong backlight can make a screen look washed out. That happens when the black pixels cannot block a backlight that's too powerful for a given screen technology. And, of course, a strong backlight drains the battery much more quickly.

Nevertheless, backlight strength is very important to outdoor and sunlight readability. But what exactly constitutes a "strong" backlight" and before the current era of LED lights that are also still sold by how many watts equivalent to an old incandescent bulb they TwinHead efio!

2100 Modem.


The brightness of LED bulbs is also stated in lumens and sometimes lux. Figuring out what lumens TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem total quantity of visible light emitted by a source" and lux "a unit of measurement for illuminance" mean is too complicated to be useful in real life. And so for as long as people remember how bright a "real" watt lightbulb was, newer technology light bulbs will probably sold as so and so many watts "equivalent. Only that describing the strength of a backlight is just as complex and confusing as TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem is with light bulbs.

So how is it handled?

Now take that per meter squared. Maybe "nit" is short for "unit.


Today, many display specs include a nits rating. Even technically inclined folks often confuse luminance with illuminance. Illuminance is the amount TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem light striking a surface. Luminance is the brightness we measure off of a surface which is hit by light. So for our purposes, a light source behind the screen lights up the screen. How bright that light makes the surface, its illuminance, is measured in nits. How bright is a nit?

Show me your laptop

Since nits is candela per square meter, imagine a hundred candles sitting underneath a roughly 3 x 3 foot square. How bright would that be? I have no idea. So perhaps it's better to think of things that, on average, generate so and so many nits and go by that. Standard laptops generate about nits.

A good tablet or smartphone between and TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem. What makes everything more difficult is where we view an illuminated surface. Even a nits laptop can look bright and crisp indoors. Outdoors that same laptop would be barely readable. Outdoors the weather makes a big differences, as does being in the shade or under a blue or cloudy sky. And when it comes to competing with the sun, all bets are off. The sun generates between 10, and over 30, nits. So for better or worse, to get an idea how bright the screen of a handheld, tablet or laptop is, look at its nits rating. Which, unfortunately, is listed only in a minority of spec sheets. That's where a screen luminance meter comes in.

The one we TwinHead efio! 2100 Modem here at RuggedPCReview. We use it in conjunction with a test template to not only record maximum luminance in nits, but also nits readings in steps from black to white.

[WTB] faulty notebook/laptop

Until something better comes along, every handheld, tablet or laptop screen spec should include a nits rating. Customers need to know that before making a purchase decision. We do product testing adventure trips two or three times a year. Twinhead. Showing 1 to 20 of Twinhead Efio! series (A) AC Adapter series(A09T5) AC Adapter Power Charger with Power Supply cord.

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