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Clearing Trouble Codes 1.

Data menu. After the codes have been cleared, Function Successful will be displayed. Press DATA to display the opening screen. Make sure you have AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 a vehicle scan. When you are finished, only the data items you have selected will appear when viewing the Operational Data, Monitoring Real Time Data and Capture Mode Data - up to 20 data items. The maximum number AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 data items that can be viewed in Capture Mode is Use Capture Mode to help diagnose intermittent problems that occur while driving the vehicle by capturing data before, during, and after a problem occurs.

Autoxray ez-scan 3000

Use AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 Data function to select which data items to be captured and displayed. Page 21 I A Capture Mode cont. Capturing the Problem 1. Press MON to display Monitor menu.

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Each symbol represents two frames of data. The default setting for each frame is one second. When the scanner is put in Capture Mode it is ready to AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 real-time data for those problems that only seem to occur while driving. Press MON at any time to abort the capture.

Viewing the Capture Mode Data Capture AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 data can be viewed on the scanner, or you can use PC-Link to download the data to your personal computer to save it and display it graphically. AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 stored on your computer can be used to keep a history of data for the vehicle. Data from each sensor will be displayed on the screen. Locp SI Fu? Although there are up to eight possible sensors the scanner can test, certain vehi- cles may not support all eight tests, and most vehicles use only two or four.


AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 Oxygen Sensor Test values are divided in two types, a constant reading and a calculated reading. Constant readings are provided by the vehicle com- puter, calculated readings are determined from the sensor data. Your vehicle must be scanned before viewing Oxygen Sensor Test data.


Page 25 Oxygen Sensor Test cont. Viewing Oxygen Sensor Test Data 1. Lean to Rich Sensor Threshold Volts - Oxygen sensor voltage that indicates a transition from a lean condition to a rich condition. The computer will measure the amount of time between when the 02 sensor is at the low voltage and when the 02 sensor is at the high voltage to obtain the lean to rich transition time. The computer will measure between the high and low voltages to obtain rich to lean transition time. Minimum Sensor Voltage for Test Cycle Volts or Maximum Sensor Voltage for Test Cycle Volts - The computer keeps track of and reports the minimum voltage level and the maximum voltage level attained during the oxygen sensor test cycle. Time AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 Sensor Transitions mS - The computer will calculate the time between a rich to lean trasition and a lean to rich transition and report this value.

Autoxray EZ-SCAN Manuals

The name of the Readiness Test will be displayed, followed by its status. A down arrow on the screen indicates other test results. AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 Test Result will be displayed, followed by its status.

AutoXray EZ-Scan 3000 reading will give the Test Number, the Component Number, Pass or Fail status, whether it is a "Hi" value or "Low" value test, the value reported by the on-board computer, and the limit for that value. These tests vary among manufacturers and the numbers are assigned arbitrarily by them and should be listed in the service manual for the vehicle.


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