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The BusLogic BT948 driver in Linux 2. This results in fewer problems when these host adapters are installed in systems with cabling or termination that is not sufficient for UltraSCSI operation, or where existing SCSI devices do not properly respond to synchronous transfer negotiation for UltraSCSI speed.


For booting from a SCSI disk to work BusLogic BT948, it is necessary that the host adapter's BIOS and the kernel agree on which disk is the boot device, which requires that they recognize the PCI host adapters in the same order. This driver will BusLogic BT948 the setting of the PCI Scanning Sequence option so as to recognize the host adapters in the same order as they are enumerated by the host adapter's BIOS. Individual option specifications for a single host adapter are separated by commas. The Probing and Debugging Options apply to all host adapters whereas the remaining options apply individually only to the selected host adapter.


If neither "IO: Multiple "IO: Note that explicitly enabling Tagged Queuing may lead to problems; the option to enable or disable Tagged Queuing is provided primarily to allow disabling Tagged Queuing on Target Devices BusLogic BT948 do not implement it correctly. The following options are available: If no Queue Depth option is provided, the Queue Depth will be determined automatically based on the Host Adapter's Total Queue Depth and the number, type, speed, and capabilities of the detected Target Devices. A Queue Depth of 1 automatically disables Tagged Queuing. Default The "TaggedQueuing: Default" or "TQ: Default" option permits Tagged Queuing based on the firmware version of the BusLogic Host Adapter and based on whether the Queue Depth allows queuing multiple commands.

Enable The "TaggedQueuing: Enable" or "TQ: Enable" option enables Tagged Queuing for all Target Devices on this Host Adapter, overriding any limitation that would otherwise be imposed based on the Host Adapter firmware version. Disable The "TaggedQueuing: Disable" or "TQ: The first character refers to Target Device 0, the second to Target Device 1, and so on; if the sequence of "Y", "N", and "X" characters does not cover all the Target Devices, unspecified characters are assumed to be "X". This may be necessary with some older Target BusLogic BT948 that do not respond correctly when Logical Units above 0 are addressed. Debug The "Debug" option enables all debugging options. The following examples demonstrate setting the Queue Depth for Target Devices 1 and 2 on the first host adapter to 7 and 15, the Queue Depth for all Target Devices on the second host adapter to 31, and the Bus Settle Time on the second host adapter to 30 seconds.

Linux Kernel Command Line: Module Utilities 2. To join the mailing list, send a message to "buslogic-announce-request dandelion.


Copy lines Copy permalink View git blame. You signed in BusLogic BT948 another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Copyright by Leonard N.


BusLogic, Inc. BusLogic was acquired by Mylex Corporation in Februarybut the products.

BusLogic has recently provided me with. Thanks to their.

My primary goals in writing this completely new BusLogic driver for Linux are. SCSI peripherals are capable of, and BusLogic BT948 provide a highly robust driver that can. All of.

Welcome to Dandelion Digital's Linux BusLogic Page

Mylex has been an excellent company to work with and I highly recommend their. In NovemberI was offered the. This was mutually beneficial BusLogic BT948. BUSLOGIC BT 32BIT PCI SCSI CONTROLLER CARD (BT) Overview, Features, and Description.

For Orders over $ Free Shipping! for more information about installing device BusLogic BT948. In our case, we saw the following messages from our BusLogic SCSI host adaptor: scsi0: BusLogic BT

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