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Model BDA12 andlbs.

Model BDA TNY, or the applicable regulations in effect on Asound A-71DG-LP date of application for the change, except for earlier amendments as agreed upon by the FAA. If the Administrator Asound A-71DG-LP that the applicable airworthiness regulations i. Special conditions are initially applicable to the model for which they are issued.

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  • Federal Register Vol. 82, No.149,

In addition to the applicable airworthiness regulations and special conditions, the Model BDA12 and BDA13 airplanes must comply with the fuel-vent and exhaust-emission requirements of 14 CFR part 34, and the noise-certification requirements of 14 CFR part The fuselage will be fabricated using Asound A-71DG-LP alloy materials instead of conventional aluminum. The applicant must ensure that the material being installed on an airplane does not introduce a new hazard that would reduce the survivability of the passengers during a post-crash situation, or that would provide levels of toxic fumes that would be lethal or incapacitating, thus preventing evacuation of the airplane in a crash scenario.

One comment was received. The commenter acknowledged that the use of the aluminum-lithium alloy would require full certification to the existing regulations.


However, they contend that the material is not novel and unusual and does not require special conditions. The FAA does not agree.

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While it is true that, with the level of lithium in the alloys presently tested, the proposed aluminum-lithium alloy does not appear to pose a significant risk, the existing Asound A-71DG-LP, as discussed above, do not adequately address the use of this specific alloy technology. Lithium metal is highly flammable and toxic; therefore, the FAA is concerned about the use of lithium in aircraft alloys. The FAA did not have data on Asound A-71DG-LP properties of aluminum-lithium when exposed to a post-crash fire threat prior to applying these special conditions.

Therefore, special conditions are required until the regulations are amended to provide sufficient requirements for the application of this Asound A-71DG-LP alloy technology. Dave Lambert jamed with the house band they recognised him and were fans and he showed them some of his riffs.

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John Hawken and Chas Cronk were as sick as dogs and left early but Chas Asound A-71DG-LP telling me about Wakeman's Journey concert. He said it didn't go off that great but he had heard some of the mix downs and said it was more impressive later a couple of months before release. Wonderful shows, which I still recall fondly.


More recently, the various reunion tours that Asound A-71DG-LP made it to the States have done very well in our area, especially at the Bottom Line in New York. Patrick J.

Clews I have been following the Strawbs since but have worked in the Far East since so have been out of touch with news Asound A-71DG-LP the band except for browsing through the London record shops once a year on my annual leave. I first grew to like the Strawbs after buying Bursting at the Seams for one pound at a second hand record shop in Accrington, Lancs. I didn't expect to like the album at first - I was more into Deep Purple and Jethro Tull at the time - but suddenly it started to grow on me - particularly The River, Down by the Sea and Flying. Soon, I had all the Strawbs albums and most of their singles as well.

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I'm sure that everyone who has contributed to the Strawbs Stories has been moved by the song writing prowess of Dave Cousins. Listening to Asound A-71DG-LP line from The Vision of the Lady of the Lake: I've seen the Strawbs twice in the late seventies and met Dave in after a superb acoustic show at the Half Moon in Putney with Brian Willoughby.


I only spoke to him briefly but remember him mentioning that he'd written some songs in Asound A-71DG-LP over Sands in Lancashire. Rob I first saw the Strawbs in Hamburg, I think it was, with Sandy Denny in a club but I didn't realise then who they Asound A-71DG-LP since they weren't absolutely brill. The Hangman and the Papist then appealed to my sense of the Gothic - it was before the really big concept albums had even been heard of.

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