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The unique hardware address assigned to the network adapter. The network address that is associated with the adapter.


The status of the driver that is associated with the selected adapter. The driver that is associated Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN the adapter has been loaded by Windows and is functioning. The driver that is associated with the adapter has not been loaded by Windows. The value is not obtainable from the driver that is associated with the adapter.

The file name, version, and creation Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN of the software driver that is associated with the adapter. Information about the status of the BASP application. This information is displayed only when there is a team see Configuring Teaming. The following network status information is provided: The indicator is green if a link is established. A red indicator means that a link is not established. The link speed of the adapter.


The duplex mode in which the adapter is operating. The team status is also graphically indicated by the appearance of the icons representing the team and the team members.

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If the adapter icon shows only the adapter, the adapter is connected to a network, but is not correctly participating in the team, which corresponds to a Not Active BASP state. This condition does not apply to an Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN that is a standby member of a team.

The standby adapter may be correctly working even though it is Not Active. If the adapter icon shows a superimposed running yellow figure, the adapter is connected and participating in the team correctly, which corresponds to an Active BASP state. If the adapter icon show a superimposed red letter X, the adapter is not connected to the network. The PCI slot number on the system board occupied by the adapter. The bus clock signal frequency Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN by the adapter. This item is not available for PCI Express type adapters. Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN The place to find device driver updates.

The number of bits that the bus can transfer at a single time to and from the adapter. Indicates the number of the bus in which the adapter is installed.

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The number assigned to the adapter by the operating system. The port number of the adapter.

For a single-port Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN, the function number is 0. For a two-port adapter, the function number for the first port is 0, and the function number for the second port is 1. The interrupt line number that is associated with the adapter. Valid numbers range from 2 to The memory mapped address that is assigned to the adapter. This value can never be 0. The chip version of the Broadcom adapter this information is not available for adapters made by others.

The firmware version of the Broadcom adapter this information is not available for adapters made by others. The subsystem vendor ID.

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Advanced The Advanced tab allows you to view and change the values of the available properties of the selected adapter. The potentially available properties and their respective settings are described below. The architecture gets more complex when you consider that many routers also provide an xDSL, cable or cellular data modem. In this case, the router's interface card is the component that mediates data between the Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN and switching fabric.

A modem modulates and demodulates digital signals into analog and vice versa, to be sent out over the "line"—cable or xDSL. However, we will not cover cellular modems in this article; those require architecture and protocol different from xDSL or cable modems. Processors And Transcivers The Processor Any host processor can, theoretically, act as a networking processor, but the hardware in commercial routers is optimized to handle very specific networking tasks. These include key look-up database look-up using a keycomputation, data bit-field manipulation, queue management, pattern matching and control processing. A GPU, for example, would yield less-than-optimal results Gateway S-7500 Broadcom LAN the brains of a router though the reverse problem, gaming on a networking processor, would run up against fundamental limits pretty quickly.

Before HD or 4K streaming video, multiple devices communicating over the same home network or intensive network gaming, wasting a multi-core processor on routing tasks was unheard of, even in the prosumer segment. Clearly, this has changed. Processor performance, especially on older routers, can bottleneck the bandwidth of ISPs serving gigabit-class Internet. Beyond cores and clock rates, CPU specifications can quickly become mind-numbing. But in the networking world, they can generally be split into their instruction set architectures ISAs:Performs comprehensive diagnostics on Broadcom network adapters. Do not install the BACS2 software until after you have installed the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapter(s). To prevent.

Frame size of bytes and LSO off. If a gateway is configured, the test automatically sends packets to that system. DC: GGN_B_FCIP2:admin> portcmd --ping ge0 -s -d Pinging Gateway IP Address: DHCP: Off. 3) About router and firewall, I received IP's from Network team. Though I.

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