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Advantageously, to facilitate and simplify its configuration, the LAN modem automatically adapts itself to a current network environment of a workstation connected thereto, via the LAN, and then communicates with that workstation through a browser executing thereat Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem obtain configuration information from a user situated at the workstation. Field of the Invention The invention relates to apparatus, and accompanying methods for use therein, for an ISDN LAN modem or an aspect thereof that is particularly, though not exclusively, suited for small user environments and which contains an internal ISDN router having a self-contained Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem hub for inter-connecting multiple network devices, such as workstations, to each other through a local area network LAN and for permitting each of those devices to gain access through the router to any one of a number of different remote networks.


Description of the Prior Art Over the past decade, personal computer PC usage has increased substantially to the point where currently PCs have diffused into many aspects of a business organization. Coincident with this phenomena, a desire has increasingly arisen, certainly in a workplace environment, among computer users in a common Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem, such as a business establishment, to readily share computer files.

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This desire, particularly when fueled by historically decreasing costs of network equipment, has led to an expanding number of network installations throughout the business community to facilitate file sharing and electronic communication among not only users in a common organization, but also with users at other organizations and locations. Moreover, as these costs of increasingly sophisticated PCs and network equipment continue to fall, networked computer usage is penetrating increasingly smaller organizations as the expected benefits to Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem organizations, such as expanded productivity, outweigh the costs associated therewith.

Moreover, the trend of increasing PC usage is not confined to business. Home usage of PCs is also rising though currently penetration of PCs into homes is still considerably less than that in the business community.

Nevertheless, PC applications exist that address various needs of a family, from, e. Given this, today, it is increasingly common for a family to possess several PCs.

For example, for a typical family of two spouses and two children of school age, each spouse may require his her own PC for business use, such as for job-related endeavors, while each child may have one PC or share a common PC, purchased for all children in the family, for, e. If current cost and technology trends continue, PC usage should increasingly proliferate throughout businesses and families to a point of becoming rather ubiquitous and inter-connected, i. However, a significant obstacle to increasing PC usage and inter-networking has been the continued difficulty many individuals face when installing and configuring a PC, let alone connecting the PC to a wide area network WANsuch as the Internet, or even implementing a Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem local area network LAN.

For many individuals, specifically those inexperienced with PCs, the task of just installing and configuring a PC itself is so daunting, particularly for so-called IBM compatible PCs, that the task often negates their desire to purchase a PC. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for computer networks. Installing hardware for a very simple computer network for a small number of users henceforth referred to as a "workgroup" is relatively straightforward--typically encompassing installing a multi-port network hub and a network interface card, the latter into each PC to be networked in the workgroup; and running interconnecting cables therebetween. However, properly configuring conventional network hardware and associated software in each of the PCs is a rather tedious task--one that often frustrates even an experienced user.

Consequently, many users desiring to network their computers, even for a simple network, have relegated the Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem of installing and properly configuring their networks, including both hardware and software components, to properly trained service organizations or consultants but at a considerable expense relative to the cost of the equipment. While a relatively large organization can afford to incur such expenses, small organizations and families can not. Accordingly, while many small business users and even home users could significantly benefit from networking their computers together as workgroups--such as through file sharing and electronic communication, the difficulty and expense associated therewith has effectively limited the penetration of computer networks into these environments.

Therefore, a need exists in the art for a computer networking device that not only implements a LAN, which permits computers to be networked together in, e.

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Such a device should ease the burden placed on the user as much as possible, preferably to a point of automatically adapting itself, without user intervention, to its current network environment. As yet, no such device exists in the art.

Furthermore and quite apart from increasing proliferation of PCs, in recent years, a number of domestic and foreign telephone companies have begun offering Integrated Service Digital Network ISDN services to their customers. ISDN provides an integrated voice and data network that offers both increased bandwidth and significant flexibility over traditional analog telephone Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem.

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Inasmuch as subscriber charges for ISDN access are decreasing--with the decrease being rather noticeable for some telephone companies, demand for ISDN service and equipment is rising appreciably. Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem is particularly strong and growing for those subscribers who seek cost-effective high speed access to a WAN such as, e.


For the bandwidth delivered, an ISDN line is significantly less expensive than a private leased line that supplies the same bandwidth across the three channels. Furthermore, ISDN, being a digital end-to-end service, provides digital transmission Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem that tend to be more accurate and reliable, from a standpoint of error rates and dropped connections, than are conventional analog telephone connections. Starting a few years ago, various networking Gateway 4030 Conexant Modem communications equipment manufacturers have been offering relatively inexpensive ISDN terminal adapters, more commonly and rather loosely referred to as "ISDN modems" though these adapters do not contain a traditional analog modulator-demodulator as occurs in a conventional analog modemand other ISDN-based network devices, such as routers, for subscriber end-use.

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Such a modem, also generically referred to as "data circuit terminating equipment" DCEonce connected to an ISDN connection and a serial port on a subscriber's PC, permits that subscriber to connect his her computer to, e. Gateway Laptop Modem Driver for Windows XP. Drivers, GatewayGateway 4030 Conexant Modem Manufacturer: Gateway.

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