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See burncd 8 for details. Install and use the cdrecord command from the ports or packages system, and make sure that you have the pass device compiled in your kernel.


It is not clear which host adapters support booting from targets other than 0 or 1, so you will have to consult your adapter's documentation if you would like to use this feature. They work.

The XMcd. Several portions of xmcd and cda were contributed by these dedicated individuals: Karl Owen owen dg-rtp. Matt Thomas thomas lkg. Gennady B. Sorokopud gena AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM. Kurt Brunton kbrunton ccs. Mark Scott mscott urbana. Several Solaris 2.

Duncan sun. The visual mode support in cda is based on code contributed by Philip Le Riche pleriche uk Although xmcd and cda should run reliably on the supported platforms AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM CD hardware as noted, if you encounter a problem, please send a report to "ti amb. It would also be helpful to reproduce the problem while running either application with the -debug option, and capture the diagnostic output. Send the output to the author for examination.

Useful Dos Files

Better yet, send bug fixes! Before you start a porting effort or add significant code, contact the author to ensure that this effort AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM being duplicated by others. Selectable to display elapsed time, remaining track time, or remaining disc time. Play a few seconds of each track.

Repeat from selectable point A and B. To prevent someone from ejecting the disc by pressing the button on the drive. Play tracks in custom order. In addition, you can enter and AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM arbitrary text associated with the disc or each track, such as band information, lyrics, etc.

Contribute CD database entries to a central archive via Internet electronic mail. Xdefaults file.


Xmcd uses the Motif toolkit to achieve a pleasing appearance, such that it actually looks and feels like a real CD player for all basic functions, yet takes advantage of the GUI and window system to make programming and CD database functions easy. Also, AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM CD database is read-only via cda no updates. In addition, a visual mode is available that turns cda into a screen-oriented curses-based CD player. It's therefore impossible to give a list of which drives work well and which ones don't. Proprietary tape units.

Panasonic CD interface

In some cases, these are floppy-based drives which use high-speed interfaces. These frequently work with the same software as the floppy units, but check with the software producer to be sure.

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In other cases, a true proprietary interface and drive are used. SCSI tape units. See under hard drives, above.


They also require a tape backup software package. The Panasonic CD interface, also known as the MKE CD interface (for Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics), SLCD or simply Panasonic, is a proprietary computer interface for connecting a CD-ROM AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM IDE cable may be used; however, the CD-ROM drive cannot be connected to the IDE bus and must have an interface AKA Panasonic IDE CD-ROM AKA. Panasonic SCR24BS Slim Line CD-ROM Balance A Notebook Black Bezel SCR24BS. Notes: This drive for ECS A aka Balance A HP Slim CD-ROM 6PA00 Dell 0T CD-RW/ 8x DVD Notebook IDE Drive.

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