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Inexperienced users will have to spend some time with the cryptic manual to get a handle on the set's capabilities. That should be enough to display every detail of the highest-resolution HDTV sources Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner, namely i and p, although with lower-resolution sources, the image will not look any sharper. It includes both an ATSC tuner and a CableCard slot, so it can receive over-the-air high-def and cable without an external box or a receiver.

To make up for the loss of the cable company's EPGPanasonic included TV Guide onscreen, which grabs program information from your local cable feed. Conveniences include a split-screen version of picture Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tunerallowing you to watch two sources at once. The traditional inset arrangement, with a smaller picture overlaying a full-screen picture, is unavailable on the PTDLX76, but you can watch one small and one large image side by side.

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You can choose from four aspect ratios for both standard-def and high-def sources with the exception of p sources, which cause the set to lock into wide-screen mode. The Panasonic PTDLX76 can save different settings in each of its three adjustable picture presets--Standard, Vivid, and Cinema the most accurate of the three --but it lacks true independent input memories and the same input types share the same settings. Also, if you do take the time to carefully adjust the set, you'll probably want to write your numbers down somewhere, since it's way too easy to accidentally reset the modes to their factory Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner.

Aside from the standard picture controls such as brightness, contrast, and the three color-temperature presetsthe PTDLX76 offers scads of other picture-affecting options. Color Management supposedly enhances green and blue, but it just made yellow greener on the non-HDMI inputs so we left Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner turned off. Two noise-reduction modes are available, which did a mediocre job of cleaning up low-quality sources see Performance for more.

Panasonic PT-DLX76 review: Panasonic PT-DLX76 - CNET

Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner black-level control should be set to light for most sources to maintain shadow detail, although analog TV and composite video sources should be set to dark--if you can remember. Dynamic iris engages an iris that increases contrast, but we preferred to leave it off for critical viewing, since it changed the picture on the fly. You get three choices for gamma; we chose Normal for a dark environment since it gave the most CRT-like, gradual rise out of black. It follows the lead of a lot of today's bigscreens with unassuming cosmetics that amount to a giant screen with a glossy black bezel surrounding it.

If you're looking to make a visual statement with your HDTV, this isn't the one, though the custom-install crowd may appreciate the lip around the frame that allows the set to be nicely flush-mounted into drywall.


The TV's silver cabinet Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner below the screen to house the stereo speakers, which sounded surprisingly good - though the sonics were a bit hollow, the dialogue was relatively crisp and clear, and even explosions in movie and TV soundtracks were deep, booming, and visceral. The remote control like many I've seen lately is a disappointment. Not only did it lack any backlighting or glow keys to ease operation in a darkened theater room, but I also found its buttons crowded and difficult to identify by feel. Obtain product support for Panasonic PTDLX76 61 Class ( Diagonal) DLP Technology Projection HDTV (P) Panasonic PT-61DLX76 DLP TV Tuner Built-In ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuners. The Panasonic PTDLX76 has the same p DLP chip found in sets It includes both an ATSC tuner and a CableCard slot, so it can receive loss of the cable company's EPG, Panasonic included TV Guide onscreen.

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