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It has been designed from its isolated feet up to deliver an uncompromising level of audio performance, whilst remaining ahead of the curve in terms of features and design.

Used Pioneer SC-LX86 Surround sound receivers for Sale

Pioneer's engineers have followed what they refer to as an "advanced multi-channel stereophonic philosophy" that uses high-grade components to deliver as precise a performance as possible. Pioneer's ultimate objective is to deliver a "truthful expression of the artist's intent" - which is certainly an admirable goal. Of course pure audio performance isn't enough in today's competitive receiver market, so the SC-LX86 includes just about every feature currently available including 9-channels of built-in amplification and There is also built-in video processing along with the ability to pass both 3D and native 4K. So let's head out to the cutting edge and find out just how good the Pioneer SC-LX86 actually is… Design and Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver The SC-LX86 is a definite thing of beauty with a minimalist black brushed metal facia and a suitably industrial level of build quality.


The entire chassis has the heavy, solid and well-engineered feel that you would expect from a premium product and measures x x mm and weighs a hefty 18kg. The front facia layout is Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver AV receiver but that Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver in no way a criticism and for those that like their AV kit understated, the SC-LX86 certainly won't disappoint. In the middle is the main display and beneath that a drop down flap behind which you will find various controls and front connectors. The display itself is sensibly laid out and informative but, as always, the more informative the display the smaller the characters, making it difficult to read at a distance.

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The display can be dimmed or even turned off, with is useful if the SC-LX86 is to be positioned within view or at the front of the room. There are also navigation controls and buttons for accessing the Home page, Audio Parameters, Video Parameters, THX, additional zones, the built-in tuner and direct iDevice control. The buttons are tactile and solid, whilst the input dial and master volume control offer a pleasing level of resistance when turned, reinforcing the overall feeling of a quality product. At the rear is an extensive set of connections, including seven HDMI inputs eight if you include the one at the front and three HDMI outputs including one for zone four. There are speaker terminals for Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver 9-channels of built in amplification, along with 7.

There are also aerial sockets for the built-in tuners, IR connectors, two 12V triggers and an RS connector for serial control.

SC-LX86 Pioneer

The provided remote control is made of black plastic and is both comfortable to hold and comprehensive in terms of the buttons available. There are controls for input selection and volume, along with audio and video Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver, the home menu and navigation. There are also controls for the other zones, the built-in tuners, for controlling a Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver iDevice and for accessing other features. Although the remote does have a back light, the buttons are quite small which means we still found it difficult use in a darkened room.

Pioneer SC-LX86 review

Setup and Menus In terms of setup, the SC-LX86 offers a wide selection of possible speaker configurations including using the Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver 9-channels, either as 7-channels plus either height or width or 7-channels with bi-amping. You can also use 7-channels with an alternative set of front speakers or a second zone and 5-channels with front or width speakers and a second zone.


There's even the option to run 5-channels with two zones or 5-channels with bi-amped front Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver rears or bi-amped front and centre. Whichever configuration you choose will largely depend on factors such as the practicalities of installing up to 9 speakers and 2 active subwoofers in your room! However, once you have wired the speakers up and attached the various sources and displays, you can then run through the setup process, which is relatively straightforward considering the potential complexity.

The menu system uses a revised graphical user interface that has been designed for easier use and includes dedicated screens for each function, along with an onscreen display that shows the current status. The OSD also allows you to change the audio and video parameters on-the-fly. We found the user interface to be a little dated, especially when compared to some of the competition. Both these sub-menus will be covered in the Audio Performance section. The third Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver is Data Management allows you to store up to six MCACC presets, allowing you to calibrate your system for different listening positions or frequency adjustments for the same listening position.

This allows you to use alternative settings to match different sources that you're listening to or different seating positions.

Pioneer SC-LX86 AV Receiver Review

The fourth sub-menu is Setup and this includes Manual SP Setup which allows you to manually set the type of connection used for the surround back terminals and the size, distance and overall balance of the connected speakers. Finally, Other Setup allows you to customise other settings such as Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver power down, volume, software updates and multiple zones, whilst MHL Setup changes the settings related to MHL.

The fifth sub-menu is Network Information which provides data on your network connection and the final sub-menu is Operation Mode Setup which is designed to help those users who find it difficult to master all the different functions and settings. In this sub-menu you have a choice Expert, where users can set all the functions by themselves and Basic, where only certain basic settings can be operated. Pioneer has designed the amplification to be as transparent as possible, so the SC-LX86 uses direct energy HD amplification with digital class D amplifiers and a high-power simultaneous multi-channel drive, which allows you to simultaneously drive 9 channels at W of power output.

The amplification also uses a higher efficiency design, better energy consumption, lower heat generation and a low leakage flux power transformer. There is also Hi-bit audio signal processing designed to improve the performance of the bit DAC hardware, along with a digital filter giving you Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver choice of Slow, Sharp and Short. Other audio features include full band phase control to adjust for phase lag in a multi-channel speaker setup, standing wave control to decrease resonance and help prevent inaccurate EQ-setting, and precision distance setting down to the millimetre.

There is also a precision quartz Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver system PQLS designed to eliminate distortion caused by timing errors, jitter reduction, advanced and auto sound retriever which are designed to help restore compressed audio, and auto level control to equalise volume level differences between tracks when listening to an iDevice or other source. The latter two formats allow for the inclusion of height or width speakers, whilst DTS: Neo X is the world's first Pioneer also include their own Wide Surround Mode to create a wider soundstage using width speakers, as well as a virtual speaker option that can create virtual height, width and back speakers thus Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver you to experience virtual There is also Dolby TrueHD Loudness Management which is designed to stop volume fluctuations when switching channels or input sources.

You can connect a PC directly to the SC-LX86 using a USB connection which includes an asynchronous transfer mode, which controls the transfer process using the receiver's clock instead of the PC's clock. You can connect your iDevice directly to the receiver using the USB connection on the front and you can playback digital audio and video.

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The company has a habit of saving its most competitive machines for higher price levels and enthusiasts are always keen to see if its Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver range-topper is up to the job. Nine channels of amplification, each delivering W provide the grunt. Best home cinema amplifier £+, Awards The SC-LX86 is the Pioneer SC-LX86-K AV Receiver of Pioneer's range, so it's been highly There's also a piece of software to make sure your speakers and sources are wired up correctly, the AV Navigator (iOS only). There's a Manufacturer Part Number, SC-LXK.

Our LX receivers are engineered according to a strict design philosophy that aims to SC-LX Channel THX Ultra2 Plus, Air Studios AV Receiver with 8x  Missing: K.

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